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What Are Premium Roses?

Our Premium Roses are our fresh cut flowers from local farms in Ecuador. Each Rose is cultivated until is reaches its full blossom, cut and put through our proprietary preservation method. This provides a long lasting life cycle for our roses to provide you roses that last you over a year.

Are Premium Roses Real?

Yes!, Premium Roses are fresh cut flowers from local farms in Ecuador that are preserved for a long lasting life.

Does Premium Roses Last A Year?

Premium Roses will last 365 days and over. Our preservation method, allows our roses to outlast regular fresh cut flowers. Our roses will preserve its beauty for over 365 days.

How Are Premium Roses Preserved?

The process starts with the cutting the fresh roses. Those flowers are then are immersed in a proprietary solution based in alcohol and dehydrating substances. After the preservation roses, based on the model, might also incur on a pigmentation process to obtain that rich color that you love.

Can I Take The Roses Out Of The Box?

No, you shouldn't take the flowers out of the box, as it would decrease the lifespan of the flowers. The Roses are designed to be on the box during all of its lifespan.

How Do I Take Care Of My Premium Roses?

Because our Premium Roses went through our preservation process, our product does not require any maintenance. To preserve its beauty, the flowers should not be moved out of the box, touch, or put in water under any circumstance. Keep the roses away from sunlight, and in temperatures between 65°F - 77°F.

What should I Do If My Premium Roses Become In Contact With Water?

In the case that your Premium Roses come in contact with water, immediately use a hair dryer to blow cold air into it and try to get rid of the water. This method also work to get rid of dust.

What Do Roses Smell?

Our roses have a natural smell, they do not have an overpowering odor. Just how a flower you pick from the garden would smell!

What Does A Number Of Roses Mean?

The number relay a profound meaning. Here are some of the number and its meaning:

  • Single rose indicates love at first sight
  • 7 Roses signifies infatuation
  • 9 Roses signifies eternal love
  • 16 Roses shows interest in travelling
  • 25 Roses wishes happiness around the world

What is The Meaning of Color Roses?

Roses in general have a cultural significance and its color are no exception. Here are is a list of some colors and its meaning regarding to roses.

  • Red Roses symbolize love
  • White Roses exemplify integrity
  • Yellow Roses express exuberance
  • Pink Roses convey gratitude

How Long Do Premium Roses Last?

Conventional fresh cut roses only last a few days. Our Premium Roses last at least 365 days! Our preservation methods allow our roses to last at least a year!